The Photographer
Michael J. Greenberg.
I have a passion for capturing landscape and travel images that provide sensory cues triggering memories of past experiences. This is known as “Imagetripping”. These images bring back the aroma, tastes and visual stimulus of the moment the image was captured. Despite planning my shoots, many of my images are the result of just being at the right place, right time and with distinctive lighting and texture due to the intersection of subject, weather, and astronomical conditions. My mission is to share my work so others can enjoy the experiences, whether you make a purchase from me, or just browse the galleries at

My love for photography started when I was a child photographing vacation memories and outings to Wrigley Field. I still have many of these images and even incorporate some of them in my work, such as the Ron Santo tribute in Gallery 8. In the 1970’s, I switched to 35mm cameras and studied light and composition through books and experimentation, shooting Chicago at night from the lakefront. Thus, a love for city/ landscapes, and in particular night scapes was born. Wrigley Field and Cellular One at night are favorite subjects that I have photographed under various lighting conditions, including rain delays. Check out the rare double rainbow at Wrigley Field in Gallery 8, and Adam Dunn's 40th Home Run in Gallery 9.

Over the years, I have traveled to Europe, Asia, and Israel to capture images from unusual angles and during nighttime. Quite often local guide were retained to identify additional shooting locations, times, and angles. This was especially the case in Israel, capturing images of Jewish, Christian, and Islamic holy sites that are distinctive and memorable. As much as I love international travel and cuisine, I especially enjoy the tremendous beauty on display at the US. National Parks. There is nothing like capturing images of mountains, lakes, forest, and even geysers, as the sun rises or sets, or at night under a full moon at the parks, with the occasional elk bugle or coyote howl adding to the memory.

For fun, I have taken photos of various novelists such as Raymond Benson (author of James Bond Novels) for his novel entitled " A Hard Day's Death", and Jay Heller, in his 2011 novel entitled "The Last Man". In addition, I have captured many famous speakers at my synagogue, Congregation Beth Shalom. Many of these remain unpublished. Other photos have been published in 2006 Forbes Magazine- 100 Best Places to Work electronic issue, Ellie Weisel in the Northbrook Star, and occasional photos in the Chicago Tribune North Editions. I had images (Gallery 2- Sunrise Fireball over Old City, Gallery 17 Postively Positano) in a juried exhibit sponsored by the Northbook Arts Commission and displayed in the Northbrook Library for January, 2012 & 13. See the resources tab- web site links. In late 2012, I created a mosaic of stained glass windows from over 10 synagogues in the US midwest. These now appear on note cards as part of the fund raising efforts of the Midwest Region Federation of Jewish Mens Clubs. You can visit their site using the link in the resources tab.

Currently, I am a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals and the American Jewish Artist Club.

Please see our "News" section and our link to a really exciting Youtube video of our American West photos set to Jerome Moross's wonderful score from the movie "The Big Country". My other Youtube videos can be found by simply searching Imagetripping.