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Air and Water show Banner and Blue Angels

Sky Writing Heart

Chicago Air Water Show at North Avenue Beach

Air Force Thunderbirds Buzz Hancock Building

Air Force Thunderbirds Up Close

Thunderbirds Lone Man Formation

Air Force Thunderbird Flower

Thunderbird Close Up

Navy Blue Angels Buzz Hancock Building

Navy Blue Angels Up Close

Navy Blue Angels Buzz North Avenue Beach


view close up
Navy Blue Angels Diamond Close Formation

Navy Blue Angels Split Formation over Lake Michigan

Navy Blue Angels Stunts over North Avenue Beach

Navy Blue Angels Tight Formation

Navy Blue Angels Stunt

Friends Good Will-101 foot square topsail sloop replica of an 1813 man-o-war

Windy, 148 foot four masted flagship of the City of Chicago

Lynx 1812 War Replica Schooner and Hindu in background

Appledore IV Schooner- Tall Ships Chicago 2013

Navy Blue Angels In A Row

Navy Blue Angels Show's Over

Pictures of Chicago's Tall Ships Festival and Air Water Show
This brings the visitor to my home- sweet Chicago, and my passion for creating images of Chicago. Featured are panoramic views of Lake Michigan during the annual Air and Water Show in Chicago. Most images feature the US Airforce Thunderbirds and Navy Blue Angels performing.

Now, you can enjoy the show highlights without the crowds, jet roar and parking fees.

Both flight teams did fly overs North Avenue Beach, buzzed the Hancock Building, and excited the crowd with thrilling death defying formations and stunts. A high speed telephoto lens helped freeze the action.

Images 17 through 20 feature Tall Ships as seen during the August, 2013 Tall Ship Festival In Chicago.

Image 17 features Friends Good Will-USA. Michigan Maritime Museum launched this 101 foot square topsail sloop replica of the 1813 man-o-war in 2004. Commander Oliver Hazard Perry’s famous dispatch “We have met the enemy and they are ours…” went on to reference a merchant sloop turned man-o-war in the Battle of Lake Erie, September 10, 1813.

Great summer memories. These photos make great decorations for offices, waiting rooms or the home. Some useful Chicago web sites are as follows;
Chicago History Museum

Chicago Tourism

Navy Blue Angels Site