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Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy

Bellagio Express Boat

Lake Como and Alps

Villa Serbelloni gardens and Lake Como

Lake Como viewed from Villa Serbelloni

Grigne mountains and Tremezzo

Chiosco Moresco in Giardini di Villa Melzi
 Villa Melzi d'Eril

Villa Placida

Church of San Lorenzo and San Martino, mountain church


view close up
Via del Balbianello-1787

Casino Royale, and Star Wars Episode II were shot here

Via del Balbianello


Villa Balbiano - 16th century palazzo

Locande dell'Isola Comacina antipasto

Locande dell'Isola Comacina gelato

Sala Comacina

Villa Carlotta - 1745, now museum in Tremezzo

Villa Serbelloni Rockefeller-Bellagio


Lake Comon, Italy Photos

Lake Como is about 30 miles north of Milan and is easily reached by rail. This is the area of Italy where the lakes touch the Alps and there are infinite photo opportunities. This gallery will feature images of Tremezzo, Bellagio, Isola Comacina, a number of villas and Bellagio's Villa Melzi Gardens. Many of these images were shot off a boat.


Villa Serbelloni Rockefeller overlooks Bellagio harbor area and Lake Como. The other Villa Serbelloni is a resort hotel located in the north part of the village. It has magnificient gardens and great views of the Lake and mountains. One highlight to see in Bellagio is the Gardens of Villa Melzi and the villa. Villa Melzi d’Eril is one of the most illustrious villas on the lake featuring a neoclassical and imperial villa through the cypress trees that partially hide it from the lake. The house was built from 1808 to 1810 for Francesco Melzi d’Eril, an ancestor of the current owner, Prine Fulco Gallarati Scottti.

South of the gardens is Villa Placida Lake Como was the province of a few noble families, visited by artists, royalty, world leaders, and the cream of Old Hollywood. Then, in 2002, George Clooney put the tranquil Italian retreat squarely in the spotlight, and now reports have everyone from Bill Gates to Rupert Murdoch to Tom Cruise vacationing among its few magnificent Gold Coast villas. As BlackBerry-wielding Russian tycoons wave untold sums at the lake’s aristocratic homeowners. Many rent out their villas or convert them into hotels to generate income.

Villa Balbiano - 16th century palazzo

An exceptional 16th century palazzo on the shores of Lake Como with beautiful gardens and magnificent Baroque frescoes. The villa with 10 bedrooms rents for 17,500 EU per week.

Villaa del Balbianello-1787

Located just 1 Km outside Lenno, this was where scenes from 2006’s James Bond remake, Casino Royale, and Star Wars Episode II were shot; it is one of the most dramatic locations on Lake Como (if not the world). Built by Cardinal Angelo Durini in 1787, Villa Balbianello is set amid florid gardens on a promontory. The sculpted gardens, which drip off the high promontory, are the perfect place for romantics to spend a day.

Comacina Island- only island in Lake Como and a restaurant to remember

Setting foot on Comacina Island, the unique island of Lake of Como. The scenery is bewitching and has an ancient setting on the shores of Spurano. The small Romanesque style church of S. Giacomo stands out and, a few steps away, next to the bell tower, you will find Santa Maria Maddalena. The place is rich in history, art, tradition and memories whose architectures and remains defy the passing of time. Since 1947, Locanda dell'Isola Comacina, which sits alone on the tiny island of Comacina, a stone's throw from the northern Italian village of Menaggio, has attracted a glittering clientele, including the likes of Elton John, Sean Connery, Stella McCartney, Kim Novak and Brad Pitt. You will receive a warm welcome by the "Oste" ( an old fashioned word for "owner of a pub", this is the way Benvenuto Puricelli, the current owner, likes to call himself). Locande dell'Isola Comacina will provide a rich mid day meal featuring an eight course antipasto, with entrees of fresh salmon and fried chicken. A delicious gelato dessert (see photo) is served followed by coffee cooked with brandy and sugar by the "Oste". The Oste provides a chant to exorcise the island demons (a long story).


Villa Carlotta - 1745, and in 1927 turned into a museum. Located on the southend of Tremezzo, the Villa has one of the best gardens in all Lake Como and wonderful sculptures.