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Odaiba Island Statue of Liberty, Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower

Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower

Rainbow Bridge,Tokyo Bay and Tower

San'ai Building and Ginza Lights

Ginza at Night

Ginza Joint

Odaiba Island Statue of Liberty
Tokyo International Exhibition Hall

Kokugikan Sumo Mural

Godzilla Guarding Ginza


view close up
Tokyo Tower and Zojo-ji Temple Cemetary in foreground

Akihabara District

Akihabara Electronic Stores

Akihabara Performer

Akihabara Electric City

Akihabara French Maids

Palette Town Giant Ferris Wheel

Sumida River Sunset with

Sumida River and Tokyo Skyline Sunrise

Sumida-gawa River, Harumi Dori, and Tokyo Skyline

Modern Tokyo, Japan Photos,


This gallery features Tokyo, Japan images with a focus on modern life and sites.

Ginza at day and night with Godzilla standing guard. The Ginza features famous upscale shopping with numerous department stores, boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, night clubs and cafes

Odaiba island and entertainment complex.
This is a popular shopping and entertainment district on a man made island in Tokyo Bay. Decks is a shopping mall featuring various stores, restaurants and multiple indoor theme parks, including the Tokyo Joypolis. One gets excellent views of the Rainbow Bridge. The Rainbow Bridge connects Odaiba to the rest of Tokyo. The two story bridge is an iconic symbol of the bay and is especially beautiful at night. Also on the island, Palette Town,a large shopping and entertainment complex consisting of the Venus Fort shopping mall, Toyota Mega Web, a Ferris Wheel, the Zepp Tokyo music venue and Tokyo Leisureland. Another noteworthy building is the Tokyo International Exhibition Center, also known as the Tokyo Big Sight. It is Japan's largest exhibition and convention center and one of the bay islands' boldest architectural creations. A wide array of events are held at the Big Sight throughout the year.


Famous for its many electronics shops. In more recent years, Akihabara has gained recognition as the center of Japan's otaku (diehard fan) culture, and many shops and establishments devoted to anime and manga are now dispersed among the electronic stores in the district. The district also features maid cafes. These are co-play themed restaurants where guests are served by waitresses that are typically dressed as French maids. In addition to serving food, the maids engage in conversation and games with the customers and treat them with the care and respectful language due to the master of a house. Many of these maids are out in the streets handying flyers to tourists to attract them to these restaurants.

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