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Monument to Partisians and Liberators

Yad Vashem Valley of Communities

Hall of Names


Masada and Dead Sea

Masada Ruins

City of David

Caesarea-Crusader Castle Ruins


view close up

Old Jerusalem Narrow Street

Yad Vashem Candelabra

Roman Fortifications at Masada Base with Dead Sea in Distannce

Masada Ruins and Dead Sea Background

Masada Fortress Wide Angle View

Masada Ruins With Dead Sea Background

Masada Fortress Walking Path and Israeli Flag

Images of Yad Vashem, Masada, and Ancient Ruins
Images of Yad Vashem include the Valley of the Communities (2.5 acre monument dug out of natural bedrock) which contains the names of 5,000 Jewish communities destroyed or that barely survived the Holocaust, a mosaic of the museum highlights I placed on the Monument to Jewish Soldiers and Partisians who fought the Nazis (Bernard Fink is the Sculptor), and the  Hall of Names. Image 11 highlights the six-branched Candelabra, symbol of Yad Vashem,

Images 4 to 6 and 12 to 14 include Masada ruins. Others images highlight the beautiful City of David, Caesarea- Roman ruins, crusader castle,and a narrow street in old Jerusalem. MUSIC COURTESY OF CANTOR STEVEN STOEHR AND THE CONGREGATION BETH SHALOM SHABBATONE BAND.

The sculptor, Bernard Fink, created a memorial installed in Yad Vashem in 1985 to honor the approximately 1,500,000 Jews who fought against the Nazis, as Allied soldiers, as partisans, in the resistance movements, and in the ghettos. This monument is dedicated to the hundreds of thousands who lost their lives in this struggle. Six gray stones form the star of David. These served as the template for Michael Greenberg to digitally insert other parts of Yad Vashem to create a collage captured in the image entitled "Monument to Partisians and Liberators".

Featured on the left from top to bottom are the Valley of the Communities, Wall of Remembrance Monument to the Warsaw Ghetto, Warsaw Square, and Hall of Names. Featured on the right from top to bottom are the Garden of the Righteous Among the Nations, "Janusz Korczak & the Children of the Ghetto," by sculpture by Boris Saktsier, and the eternal flame in the Hall of Remembrance. Below the star of David: The child on the bottom left is the Image of two-year-old Uziel Spiegel (murdered at Auschwitz) at the entrance to the Children's Memorial, and to the right is a plaque for righteous German gentiles.

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