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Bad Lands National Park Sioux Encampment

Yellow Mounds Overlook in Badlands National Park

Hiking in the Badlands rugged terrain

Badlands Rainbow at sunset

Badlands Panoramic Vista

Lake Sylvan- Sitting Bull had visions there

Lake Sylvan Rocks, Custer State Park

Lake Sylvan Canoe Adventure

Roughlock falls in Spearfish Canyon

KBarS Lodge campfire with full moon

Wild Bill Hickok Grave in Mt. Moriah, Deadwood, South Dakota

Crazy Horse Monument Panoramic View


view close up
Crazy Horse Monument near Custer State Park

Sioux decorative buckskin shirt

1880 Train in the Black Hills

Mount Rushmore framed by Tunnels on Wild Life Loop Road

Mount Rushmore National Monument lightshow

Cathedral Spires Seen from Needles Highway

Needles Highway View

The Needles Eye on Needles Highway, Custer State Park

Custer Prairie Dogs

Black Hills Wild Burros

Badland Rainbow

Badland Storm Approaching

Badlands National Park, Black Hills, Custer State Park, Photos
Imagetripping sells beautiful framed photos featuring panoramic vistas of Badlands National Park, Black Hills, Custer State Park, Crazy Horse Monument, Mount Rushmore National Memorial and South Dakota. This gallery features images of Badland National Park terrain, sunset and a rainbow, Sioux encampment and bucksin, Mount Rushmore at night, Crazy Horse Monument, Lake Sylvan, 1880 Train, Needles Highway, The Needles Eye, Wild Bill Hickok Monument in Mt. Moriah Cemetary in Deadwood, Roughlock Falls, Speafish Canyon, and KBarS campfire under a full moon. The 13-mile Needles Highway features granite spires in a series of dizzying twists and turns. Featured are images collected at Cathedral Spires, an overlook on Needles Highway. Also featured are Mount Rushmore Framed by Tunnels on Wild Life Loop Road, Wild Burros, and Prairie Dogs encountered on the 18 mile WildLife loop road in Custer State Park. Images were collected in late August to avoid hordes of tourists.

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