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Monument Valley Mitten Butte

 Monument Valley Totem Pole and Yeibichai

Monument Valley Merrick Butte and John Ford's Point

Monument Valley East and West Mittens

Monument Valley Sunset

Zion National Park Tower of Virgins: West Temple, Sun Dial and Altar of Sacrifice

Virgin River Horse Crossing in Zion National Park

Virgin River Horse Crossing near Zion Slot Canyon

Zion National Park Lower Emerald Pool View of Red Arch Mountain with cascading water from middle pool

Zion National Park Waterfall Roars After Storm

Bryce Canyon Hoodoo Amphitheater at Sunset

Bryce Canyon Hoodoos after early spring snow storm


view close up
Snow storm approaching over Hoodoos and vermilion cliffs

Bryce Canyon Snow Covered Arch

Bryce Canyon after fresh snow fall

Bryce Canyon Approaching Snow Storm

Chiricahua National Monument Panoramic View of Rhyolite Rock Formations

Balanced Rock at Chiricahua National Monument

Sea Captain Rock at Chiricahua National Monument

Balanced Rocks at Chiricahua National Monument

Hoodos in Totem Canyon from Massai Point at Chiricahua National Monument

Organ Pipe Formation in Chiricahua National Monument

Hacienda Gate with Superstition Mountains in Background

Superstition Mountains on Apache Trail

American West Treasures: Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, Monument Valley, Chiricahua National Monument, Apache Trail Images
Imagetripping sells beautiful framed photos featuring panoramic vistas in Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon and Monument Valley in early spring before hordes of tourists visit. Snow dusted hoodoos and amphitheaters in Bryce canyon, Zion National Park rushing water falls, Moutains, streams, and all having crisp blue skies are captured. Monument Valley images feature Totem pole, Yeibichai,Rooster Rock,East Mitten, West Mitten, Buttes, Merrick Butte, John Ford's Point. Red rock formations, mesas, buttes, vermilion cliffs, Navajo sandstone make intense colors highlighting these images.

Image entitled "Bryce Canyon Approaching Snow Storm" illustrates how a fast moving snow squal comes out of no where even when there is a blue sky.

Chiricahua National Monument:

Chiricahua National Monument is a unit of the National Park System located in the Chiricahua Mountains of southeastern Arizona. The monument was established on April 18, 1924 to protect its extensive hoodoos and balancing rocks, and consists of 1,200 species of plants. The Monument is located about 120 miles southeast of Tucson, AZ on Highway 10, and about 35 miles south of Willcox, AZ. There is an eight mile road (Bonita Canyon Drive) through the Monument at 5,000-6,000 feet elevation.

Some of the unusual rock formations featured in this gallery include the "Organ Pipe Formation", "Sea Captain", Hoodos in Totem Canyon, and Rhyolite formations. . The Apaches called this place "Land of standing Up Rocks".

Apache Trail:
40 mile scenic drive through the Superstition Mountains northeast of Phoenix, past varied cacti and several deep reservoirs. The majority is unpaved, though still usually accessible by all vehicles. The photographs of the Hacienda or Ranch house gate was taken several miles off the trail on a side road. Location known to the artist.

Dedicated to Jerome Moross for providing us with the phenomenal score from the movie "The Big Country". His music inspired my selection of images presented in this gallery.