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Grand Canyon of Yellowstone Lower Falls

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone -Artist Point View

Elk Cow and Calve at West Thumb Basin

Buffalo in Hayden valley

Bull Elk at West Thumb Basin

Sunset view of Firehole River and Geysers in Old Faithful Area

Old Faithful Geyser plume cloud into a full moon

Yellowstone Lake Forest Fire at Sunset

West Thumb Geyser Basin thermal pool at sunset

Mammotth Springs and Orange Spring Mound

Sheepeater Cliffs


view close up
Golden Gate Near Mammoth

Mammoth Hot Springs Main Mound Wows Visitors

Palette Springs Terrace in Mammoth Springs

Forest Fire at Lake Yellowstone During September, 2011

Full Moon and Forest Fire at Lake Yellowstone

Glacier National Park Wild Goose Island

Glacier National Park St. Mary Lake

Glacier National Park Sunrift Gorge Bridge

Jackson Glacier at Glacier National Park

Hidden Lake Trail leading to Clements Mountain at 8760 feet

Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park, Scenery, Mounds, Wildlife, Photos
Imagetripping sells beautiful photos of Yellowstone National Park including Old Faithful, Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, Elk, Waterfalls, Mammoth Hot Springs, Forest Fire at Yellowstone Lake,Sunsets,and night photos of Old Faithful.

Yellowstone National Park

Many people visit Yellowstone to see Old Faithful Geyser erupt. Few witness the geyser eruption into a full moon. Image "Old Faithful Geyser plume cloud into a full moon" captures the sequence of eruption into a full moon in September, 2011. Individual photographs are available. Write us for details. We also utilized the haze conditions to capture the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone just after sunrise. The haze brought out the reds in the rocks. The fire's smoke also brought reds at sunset in an area removed from the fire, West Thumb thermal basin which looks over Yellowstone Lake, but was on the same side as the fire with winds pushing most of the smoke to the opposite direction. There was enough haze to create the intense red hues in the thermal pool image.

Few visitors see a forest fire in Yellowstone. The image entitled "Yellowstone Lake Forest Fire at Sunset" captures the magnificent hues displayed as the sun was filtered by haze from the fire. Reflections in the lake make this image standout. The night time views of the forest fire under a full moon illuminating mountains and clouds are stunning. The smoke and haze rose to an elevation that did not block out the full moon and reflections in Lake Yellowstone.

Mammoth HotSprings upper terraces featuring the spectacular Orange Springs Mound. Lower terraces featured are the huge Main Mound and the spectacularly colored Palette Spring.

Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is located in the northwest part of Montana. Photos of this national park feature scenery shot from locations along the Going-to-the-Sun Road including Lake McDonald, St. Mary Lake, Wild Goose Island, Sunrift Gorge, Jackson Glacier and Hidden Lake Trail leading to Clements Mountain at 8760 feet elevation. Glacier fed lakes, streams and waterfalls are stunning when set in front of mountains and mountain passes filled with glaciers.

Honoring the memory of Elmer Bernstein with the Magnificent 7 Sound track- his music inspired me as an artist in taking these images.
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